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100% Alpaca yarn lovingly and ethically farmed

Fibre of the Gods


100% Alpaca yarn, natural colours

There are many outstanding benefits and charactersitics of Alpaca fleece:

  • Natural and biodegradable 

  • Lighter and warmer than other wool types 

  • Soft and silky and natural sheen

  • Thermal properties, allows the perfect body temperature

  • Naturally windproof

  • Durable and stain-resistant

  • Breathability 

  • Wicks away body moisture

  • Resists odors

  • Warm when wet

  • Won't mat or pill

  • Flame resistant 

Some of the products made from our Alpaca fleece

Luxurious Alpaca duvets and pillows.  Alpaca fibre is naturally hypo-allergenic.  These Alpaca duvets and pillows are Vegeterian Society approved.  100% Alpaca wool filling perfect for temperature control.


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